Foveated Rendering

Foveated Rendering

Tobii Spotlight Technology™ is ​advanced eye tracking specialized for foveation.

Foveation Technology
Foveation Technology

Designed by Mother Nature.

Built by Tobii.

Human vision is a marvel of computational efficiency.
The fovea, a small portion of your retina, sees in high resolution while your peripheral vision is effectively a blur. Following mother nature’s blueprint, Tobii Spotlight Technology enables dynamic foveated rendering to deliver better devices and better experiences.
fov-sharp-02 fov-visual-02
What your eyes see and what dynamic foveated rendering enables
Spotlight Technology
Spotlight Technology

Better Devices.

Better Experiences.

What you see is what you get.
Tobii Spotlight Technology leads to achieving outstanding computational efficiency, delivering better devices. Accurate, low latency tracking of where the eyes are looking in real-time enables superior end user experience.
Benchmarking test sees 57% reduction of GPU shading load at an average shading rate of 16% *

Smoother frame rates

Consistent reduced GPU load allows headroom to maintain frame rates.

field of view symbol

Higher frame rates

Reduced GPU load allows higher frame rates.

Field of view symbol

Higher resolutions

Higher resolutions are supported without needing a more expensive GPU.

Enhanced graphics

More complex shading is possible without increasing GPU load.

Note: This is a benchmarking test based on Nvidia VRS foveation in Showdown VR and conducted on HTC Vive Pro eye & RTX2070.
Explore New Possibilities with Foveation.
Explore New Possibilities with Foveation.
Next generation foveation will combine human biology with the latest technologies.

Foveated Transport

Optimize graphics transfer using data compression based on user focus.

Foveated Streaming

Compress and stream live content efficiently, for instance in low-latency 5G networks.
Tech Reviews
Tech Reviews
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“Eye tracking is the way to future improvements in VR rendering technology, and is the key to reducing costs and the barrier of entry for most folks.”
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“This frees up GPU resources for other purposes, such as boosting frame rates or conserving power, and Tobii expects that it will be used in the future to transfer and stream data that’s been dynamically optimized for the user’s current visual focus, including over low-latency 5G networks.”
“This drastically reduces the strain on hardware processing a VR experience. As such, foveated rendering is largely considered to be one of the key components of bringing VR costs down in the future.”

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More resources

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ebook: Eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering—technologies that solve the VR challenge

Tobii Spotlight for Foveated Rendering eBook

Eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering — technologies that solve the VR challenge

Tobii Spotlight Technology
- Made for Foveation
Tobii Spotlight Technology
- Made for Foveation

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