Tobii Dev Tools

The Tobii Dev Tools sample is a simple scene set up utilizing the Tobii Dev Tools prefab. The prefab itself can be used without the sample by dragging it in to your scene.

To read about how the Tobii Dev Tools work, see our Tobii Dev Tools page.


This particular Unity Sample is compatible with the following headsets:

HMD Compatible Instructions
Tobii HTC VIVE Devkit Yes Getting Started
HTC VIVE Pro Eye Yes Getting Started
Pico Neo 2 Eye Yes Getting Started (Make sure Step 6 has been addressed in the sample scene)
HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Yes Getting Started

G2OM Debug functionality does not work in URP.

Table of Contents

Running the Sample

Run the Example_DevTools scene found under the Samples folder after importing the sample using the Package Manager.

If you are using Universal RP, you need to upgrade the shaders in the scene.


The scene contains a TobiiXR object with the TobiiXR_Initializer script attached to initialize our SDK, a number of Gaze Focusable Objects moving around, a Directional Light, a Floor, the XR Rig to set up VR and the Tobii Dev Tools prefab.