The throwing scene lets you try throwing rocks first without, and then with eye tracking. Please visit our Hand Eye Coordination page for our design rationale. For more in-depth technical information, have a look at the relevant API documentation.

Magic Rocks (BP_MagicThrowingRock)

The magic rocks are eye tracking enabled to course correct and hit whatever you might be looking at, unless you try to throw them too far off course. To see how the throwing is actually accomplished, we have to look at the blueprint of our pawn (BP_XRExamplePawn):

As you can see here, if the rock is magic and we know that our Throw At Gaze component has a valid object mapped target, we generate a new suggested trajectory for the rock.

Bottles (BP_Bottle)

As we want the bottles to be focusable using gaze, they have a Gaze Focusable Component attached.