Getting Started

To get started using the Tobii XR SDK for Unreal with your Tobii HTC Development Kit, follow these steps.

The Tobii XR SDK for Unreal does not currently support the HTC VIVE Pro Eye.

Step 1: Set up your headset

  1. Follow the VIVE Setup guide.
  2. Download and install the Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software.

Only download these drivers if you have a Tobii HTC VIVE Development Kit because they might not be compatible with drivers for other headsets.

Step 2: Calibrate for your eyes

Download the Legacy Mirrors Demo and run the Setup step to calibrate the eye tracker for your eyes.

Step 3: Set up your project

  1. Download the Tobii XR SDK for Unreal.
  2. Unzip this package into the Plugins/ folder in your project, so that the uplugin file ends up at MyProject/Plugins/TobiiEyetracking/TobiiEyetracking.uplugin along with all package content. Manually create the Plugins/ and Plugins/TobiiEyetracking/ folders if needed.
  3. Restart the Unreal Editor.
  4. At launch, accept the EULA when prompted.

Step 4: Beyond setup

  1. Try our samples! Either follow the prompt, or open XRExampleMap (TobiiEyetracking Content/Sample/XR). You will be put in our calibration scene at first. After acknowledging a calibration, you can navigate to our other scenes
  2. Read how our samples work on our examples page
  3. Check out our API documentation