The Unreal SDK is currently in beta version and is subject to change. If you have any feedback, contact us via our contact form. For gaming-specific questions, you can also visit the Tobii Gaming Discord.

Here you can get get started with the Tobii SDK for Unreal Engine 4 with your device and try our examples which contains scenes showing eye tracking use cases like social, throwing and user interfaces. While the SDK supports both desktop and XR trackers, this part of the documentation will focus on the XR use cases exclusively. For information about how to develop desktop games, go to our PC Gaming site.

The Tobii SDK enables you to make the most out of eye tracking. It provides:

  • Simple methods to access eye tracking data.
  • Highly optimized gaze-to-object mapping.

Supported Devices

Currently, the Tobii XR SDK for Unreal supports the following devices:

  • Tobii HTC VIVE Development Kit

The Tobii XR SDK for Unreal does not currently support the HTC VIVE Pro Eye.

Getting Started

Read how to get started with the Unreal SDK

Unreal Examples

The example level contains a couple of different scenes demonstrating concepts like UI, throwing and social interactions.


A closer look at the API itself, divorced from the examples.