Signals & Filters - Ocumen Studio

Tobii Ocumen Studio is part of Tobii Ocumen Signals & Filters.

Tobii Ocumen Studio is currently in preview and is subject to change.

Current version comes with a couple pre-made recordings which will always show up when opening the recording window. Creating your own recordings is not supported in this version.

Tobii Ocumen Studio allows you to visually analyze eye tracking and scene recordings. Recordings can be run through a filter pipeline prior to being analyzed, yielding additional insights.

The app can be found in the /Tools/ folder.

Table of Contents

Opening a Recording

Click the top-left menu button to open the recording window and select a recording in the list.

Basic Controls

Tobii Ocumen Studio’s UI has several draggable windows that you can hide or display at will. Click any of the toggle-buttons in the top to toggle the visibility of them.

You can change the playback visualization between first and third person and toggle if you want to visualize left and right eyes individually or a combined visualization.

You can display the shortcut window for a list of useful shortcuts.

Graph Window

The most frequently-used window is the Graph Window which displays the eye tracking data in a recording.

Data in a recording will show up dynamically in the graph window. For example, if your recording contains spectogram data, a dropdown will appear and you can choose which one to view. Depending on the pipeline applied to a recording, the source data will be updated.

In the Graph Window, you can also update the time window displayed, change source data color, scaling and other settings.

Working with Recordings

You can think of Tobii Ocumen Studio as a data viewer operating on recordings. In their current version recordings can carry both original scene and eye tracking data, as well as their interpretation. Such an interpretation can be performed by running or applying a filter pipeline to the recording, producing insights about

  • fixations
  • saccades
  • pupil data
  • spectral components of eye movements

and many more. Once a pipeline is applied, the recording will reflect its results and can be viewed in Ocumen Studio in the same way as raw eye tracking data can be shown.

If you have thoughts or feedback, feel free to get back to us, either via your supported channels or via our contact form .