A list of Tobii Ocumen bundle releases and what changed.

Table of Contents


This is a bugfix release for Tobii Ocumen.

  • Fixed configuration examples in documentation.
  • Fixed links in documentation.
  • Fixed benchmarking bug for more complex pipelines.
  • Removed various allocation sources.


This is the first public version of Tobii Ocumen, bundling our Advanced APIs and filters and tooling. It contains in detail:

  • Initial release of Tobii Ocumen:
    • Core API 2.0.0 (changelog)
    • Advanced API 2.0.0-RC
    • Filter 0.2-alpha
    • Compatibility with Pico Neo 2 Eye
  • Advanced API
    • Added initial API
  • Filters
    • Tobii I-VT fixation detector
    • Dispersion window fixation detector
    • Smeets & Hooge 2003 saccade detector
    • Windowed & instantaneous velocity filters
    • 5+ data fusion steps (interpolation, select nearest, as-is, …)
    • 6+ pre-processing steps
  • Sample project outlining how to use Ocumen