The Native SDK is currently in alpha version and is subject to change. If you have any feedback, contact us via our contact form.

If you want to develop eye tracking for an application which is not using Unity or Unreal, we provide native libraries to help you integrate gaze based interaction into your application.

Click here to download the Tobii XR Native SDK.

You can use our Unreal SDK as a great example on how to integrate Tobii Eye Tracking into a game engine.


To integrate gaze based interaction into your engine you need to interface with the native librares Tobii G2OM and Tobii Stream Engine.

The application retrieves eye tracking data from the eye tracker using the Stream Engine library. The gaze data is sent together with focusable candidates to the G2OM library and the application receives what object the user is focusing.

For more details about the components see below:

Tobii Eye Tracker

Eye tracking hardware and runtime that enables eye tracking on your system. Software for this will be provided by the headset vendor.

Stream Engine

Tobii’s native eye tracking library. If you have bought an eye tracker from Tobii this is how you interface with it. If you have bought a product that integrates Tobii Eye Tracking, like HTC VIVE Pro Eye, Stream Engine may not always work and you will need to use libraries provided with that product. Stream Engine contains all the functions you need to connect and stream eye tracking data from your eye tracker.

Hardware compatibility

HMD Support Comment
Tobii HTC VIVE Devkit Yes
Tobii AR4 integration Yes
Qualcomm Snapdragon VR 845 Contact us* Work in progress. If you need support today, contact us.
Tobii Pro Glasses Contact us* Currently unsupported. Solution possible upon special request.

*Contact us via our contact form.

Go here for more information about Stream Engine.


G2OM is a cross platform native library used to map gaze to objects. It takes eye tracking data and focusable candidates to compute which objects are being focused.

Platform compatibility

G2OM is fully supported on

  • macOS
  • Linux (only tested on Ubuntu)
  • Windows 10

Please contact us if you want support for

  • Windows 7, 8
  • Android
  • Other platforms

Go here for a detailed C API reference of G2OM.

My Engine

For your application to know what object the user is focusing, you need to write code to provide the G2OM library with eye tracking data and the geometries of all focusable candidates currently in scope.