Tobii XR SDK

Welcome to the Tobii XR SDK.

The goal of this website is to enable you to create new and exciting eye tracking experiences and analytical research for XR. Here, you can find libraries and tools together with years of eye tracking experience bundled into guidelines, video snippets, showcases, code examples and more to help you along the way.

The Tobii XR SDK enables cross-platform development of eye tracking by providing simple methods to access eye tracking data as well as tools and libraries to speed up development.

Tobii offers solutions such as Tobii Ocumen, giving you access to advanced data and filters, and Tobii G2OM, a machine learning algorithm solution to accurately predict what the user is looking at.

On this website, you can find knowledge gathered from years of eye tracking experience, currently consisting of learnings and take-aways for interaction design, analytics, foveation, eye behavior and technical information.

Try out showcases and ready-to-use source code examples to help you design around your specific use case.