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SDK Offering

The Tobii XR SDK is designed to be device agnostic with support for eye tracking data from Unity, Unreal, Native and OpenXR when it becomes available. The SDK enables cross-platform development of eye tracking by providing simple methods to access eye tracking data as well as debugging tools to speed up development.

Tobii G2OM is a machine learning algorithm to accurately predict what the user is looking at, providing a consistent eye tracking experience between users and enabling developers to spend more time creating eye tracking applications and less time trying to figure out which object the user is looking at.

Eye tracking enables new interactions and experiences or improves already existing interactions by utilizing where the user is looking.

Showcases and ready to use example scenes with source code to showcase how to implement eye tracking interactions.

Analytical Use

If you want to develop software for analytical purposes, post processing or aggregation of eye tracking data you need a special license from Tobii.