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Doug Eggert explains the value of dynamic foveated rendering in VR headsets

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About this AWE Talk

The uncertainties of this year led to AWE 2020 becoming an online-only event. There is, however, one certainty in the AR/VR market. And that is a growing demand for wider fields of view, higher resolution displays, and immersive content and features for consumers and enterprises.

Eye tracking — a prerequisite for dynamic foveated rendering — can help meet these demands.

In this AWE talk, Doug Eggert explains the value of Tobii Spotlight Technology and how this advanced eye tracking solution, specialized for foveation, can help AR/VR manufacturers, content creators, developers, and engine designers meet ever-rising demands.

Meet the speaker

Doug Eggert Head of Product Management Tobii XR OEM

Doug Eggert

Director of Product Management – XR OEM, Tobii Tech

The most rewarding aspects of my 15 years in product management have been working closely with product development teams, OEMs, and users to successfully implement new technologies in innovative and practical applications. Previously, I worked in geospatial technology firms at the forefront of digitalizing civil engineering with cloud connected design applications and data capture sensors that are applied in the building and modeling of 3D digital reality.  Though this experience I have been inspired to be more deeply involved in the growing capabilities of virtual reality and augmented reality in real world applications. I joined Tobii with the ambition to help OEMs and partners integrate eye tracking into XR headsets for improved performance and user comfort, as well as more natural and immersive user experiences.

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