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Learn about dynamic foveated rendering and why you might consider including this technology in your solution designs

Eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering — technologies that solve the VR challenge

VR users demand amazing content, low-priced devices, and fantastic experiences. To meet these demands and deliver the best possible experience with available system resources, device manufacturers and application developers leverage a range of smart and innovative technologies in their solutions. 

But adding a performance-enhancing technology to an existing device architecture is rarely a simple matter of plug-and-play. Processing overhead can outweigh the benefit. Yet new technologies can provide a considerable advantage, especially for those who are first-to-market. 

Dynamic foveated rendering is a unique performance-enhancing technology that can significantly reduce rendering loads in VR headsets. In practice, this technology relies on eye tracking to deliver the necessary real-time data about a user’s eye movements. 

The GPU resources freed up through dynamic foveated rendering can serve other purposes. For example, to increase frame and refresh rates, reduce power consumption, or enable complex shading and forward-rendering — delivering the best possible user experience with available system resources.

This ebook presents eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering, how they free up resources, and why you might consider including these technologies in your solution designs.

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