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Benchmark validation by Moor Insights & Strategy

Tobii benchmark validation by Moor Insights & Strategy

To validate the benefits of dynamic foveated rendering (DFR) enabled by Tobii Spotlight Technology, Moor Insights and Strategy (MI&S) oversaw multiple tests carried out with various configurations on a standalone and a tethered headset equipped with Tobii eye tracking and Tobii Spotlight technologies. Results show that GPU shading load drops significantly when dynamic foveated rendering is applied.

All details of testing, validation, and results are documented in the white paper: Tobii Benchmark Testing Validates the Benefits of Dynamic Foveated Rendering.

The Tobii Spotlight Technology benchmarks should serve as a standard for the VR industry as eye tracking increasingly becomes an expected capability of XR headsets and user expectations grow. The benchmarks allow VR headset OEMs to understand the quantitative value of integrating features such as DFR with Tobii Spotlight Technology. Establishing Tobii as a thought leader in the AR/VR industry, the benchmarks also set a standard from which the industry can improve and deliver better experiences and better devices.

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