VIVE Pro Eye with Tobii

VIVE Pro Eye with Tobii

The latest in eye tracking technology for VR

The latest in eye tracking technology for VR

Tobii's eye tracking technology enhances device performance and enriches the user experiences in the professional-grade VIVE headset by enabling:
  • Efficient GPU power allocation with foveated rendering
  • Intuitive interactions that simplify aiming, pointing, and selection with handheld controllers
  • Rich social interactions with avatars that can mimic the user’s eye movements
  • Enhanced understanding of user behavior with unique insights generated from eye tracking data

Eye tracking makes a difference

Combining precision eye tracking with world-class graphics, high-end audio, and optimized ergonomics, HTC VIVE Pro Eye is next-generation virtual reality. The ability to capture deep analytics, maximize processing power, and enhance input and navigation is a game-changer for users and enterprises.

The HTC VIVE Pro Eye goes beyond its world-class graphics and high-end audio to enable a new set of user experiences and insights made possible by understanding where the user focuses their attention.

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Technical Specifications


Dual AMOLED 3.5’’ diagonal

Refresh rate

90 Hz

Field of view

110 degrees


Dual integrated microphones


1440 x 1600 pixels per eye
(2880 x 1600 pixels combined)


SteamVR™ Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, IPD sensor, eye-tracking


Hi-res certified headset
Hi-res certified headphones (removable)
High-impedance headphone support
Enhancement of headphone in ergonomics


Eye relief with lens distance adjustment
Adjustable IPD
Adjustable headphones
Adjustable strap


USB-C 3.0, DP 1.2, Bluetooth

Eye Tracking Specifications

Gaze data output frequency (binocular)

120 Hz





Trackable field of view**



HTC SRanipal SDK

SDK engine compatibility

Unity, Unreal

Data output (eye information)

Timestamp (device and system)
Gaze origin
Gaze direction
Pupil position
Pupil size
Eye openness

*Within FOV 20°
**Eye surgery, eye disease, heavy makeup, and high myopia may affect eye tracking performance

Develop new experiences for the HTC VIVE Pro Eye

Use the Tobii XR SDK to enhance existing interactions and create new user experiences with augmented capabilities enabled by eye tracking.

“The HTC VIVE Pro Eye is the first VR mass-market hardware with eye tracking available standard. It won't be the last.”

— Scott Stein , CNET

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