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Develop next-generation XR experiences.

From business-driving apps to immersive games and content.

Implement new levels of immersion
in XR with Tobii eye tracking

Enhance virtual interactions, develop innovative metaverse experiences and empower users with greater levels of immersion thanks to the help of eye tracking. The Tobii XR SDK makes eye tracking implementation with your headset development kit even easier and more effective.

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Eye tracking implementation
made easy and effective

Empower your stories
Tobii’s eye tracking technology enables boundless possibilities in XR. Leverage eye tracking to create truer to life avatar behaviors and power better hand-eye coordination features creating new and unique games and applications.
Implementation made easy
Our devkit is compatible with your headset and engine of choice, and adds eye tracking libraries and tools that contains two decades of know-how to your developer environment, helping you create better and more compelling stories and experiences.
Tools made for you
The Tobii XR SDK includes a wide range of modules and capabilities to facilitate the development of your applications or games, helping you leverage eye tracking without the need for low-level coding.
Knowledge powerhouse

Our XR Devzone offers libraries and tools as results of years of research, development and implementation bundled into guidelines, video snippets, showcases, code examples and more to help developers build better and more robust
AR, VR, and MR experiences!

Explore new possibilities,
develop next-gen experiences and
become a trailblazer in XR.

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