Develop next-generation XR experiences

Develop next-generation XR experiences

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Add superpowers to the XR experience

Add superpowers to the XR experience

Enhance existing interactions or develop brand new virtual experiences using eye tracking. The Tobii XR SDK complements the development kit available with your HMD.

Augmented capabilities with eye tracking include:

Superhuman Abilities Superhuman Abilities

Create completely new and powerful interactions.

Lifelike Characters Lifelike Characters

Give life to avatars and create deeper social interactions in VR.

Intuitive Interfaces Intuitive Interfaces

Intelligent UI that understands and responds to the user’s intent.

Focused Objects Focused Objects

Identify and select focused objects through gaze-to-object mapping.

User Insights User Insights

Enable a deeper understanding of user behavior through eye tracking data.

Empower your imagination

Eye tracking enables many new possibilities in XR. Leverage natural behaviors like expressive eye contact or hand-eye coordination to create unique new applications.
Empower your imagination

Pick your favorite tools

The Tobii XR SDK is equipped with different modules and capabilities that you can use separately or in combination. Explore the library and take from it what you will.
Pick your favorite tools

Build your vision

Equipped with your HMD and engine of choice, the devkit adds powerful eye tracking technology and know-how to your arsenal. The best way to make your concept visionary.
Build your vision
Augmented capabilities with eye tracking

Superhuman abilities

Take the virtual world a step beyond reality and augmented and supernatural interactions. Give users the feeling of superpowers when virtual objects and environments naturally respond to their gaze.

Lifelike characters

Give your avatars and virtual characters a spark of life. Use expressive eye movements to create more engaging multi-player environments and enable deeper connections in VR.

Intuitive interfaces

Simplify and improve interfaces to further immerse users with intuitive gaze-based interactions. Streamline navigation and UX with a simpler 2-step (“look & select”) process that removes the need for pointing with a controller.

Focused objects

Simplify your job as a developer with intelligent object selection. Use eye tracking to map and easily identify the focused object or area of interest in a scene.

User insights

Get a deeper understanding of the users’ attention to improve usability and enable a range of analytical use cases by knowing what individuals look at it in virtual environments.
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